“We know what we are, but know not what we may be” (W. Shakespeare)

The Ophelia is lying in a pond, among the plants, one he try on saving her, another prays for her soul.

The bittersweet metaphor of PixelPancho’s installation describe two different human behavior, the courage of who try to act and react, and who hides behind thoughts and moral intent without ever getting involved.

The installation, builded in Pixel’s Studio in Italy, is composed by three robot made in recycled iron parts. Two bended on their knees are filled of succulent plants, the pool was constructed in 2 days in Berlin, in the backyard of the Urban Nation Museum, made in wood, rocks, soil and plants, a loooot of plants, 200 pieces mixed between moss, external plants, lotus flower, water lily and algae.

A filter for the water makes the sensation of a waterfall, a quiet sound of stream, and it keeps the water clean. Last but not least, 20 fishes, koy carp and goldfish fertilize water and keep away mosquitoes and parasites. And then she, Ophelia, who keep in her belly a glass jar with bioluminescent mushrooms autochthonous from the Black Forest. If you’re passing by Berlin, come to Urban Nation, and say hi to Ophelia after a walk throught the first Museum of Urban Art in company of the best worldwide artists.

pic by Nika Kramer


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