Pixel Pancho is pleased to announce to be joining Splash and Burn campaign – Splash and Burn is an awareness campaign responding creatively to unregulated farming practices of Palm Oil in Indonesia.

Tackling issues such as the transboundary haze, Deforestation, Human and Animal displacement; murals/sculptures and interventions have been appearing throughout cities and the vast natural landscape of Sumatra. The project is initiated by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, who throughout the last two years has been actively researching the issue, visiting and scouting locations and connecting with experts and specialists in the field

After coming back from Indonesia where Pixel Pancho has participated in the project by creating a sculptural installation and painting a mural, Pixel decided to do more. It all started with a sketch in 2016 after Pixel Pancho has discovered the project, and now it has been transformed into a 10 layer screen print called “Orangutan”.

Edition of 60, the print is going to be released exclusively trough PixelPancho.shop with a part of the proceeds to be donated to Sumatran Orangutan Society with a mission to save the jungle and the Orangutan.


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